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Installing a New Roof

Hello, my name is Liam. I live in a rural community which is located about 200km away from Alice Springs, Australia. Life in the Outback can be hard, so the entire community needs to look after itself. Since I moved out here from the big city, I have learnt lots of cool skills that I didn't know before. One of these skills is roofing. When my neighbour's roof began to leak, he called me over and we worked together to install a new one. He taught me lots of cool tips and tricks which I have written about below. Enjoy!


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Issues Caused by Moss, Lichen, and Mould Growing on Your Roof

Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's healthy and good. Consider the moss, lichen, and mould that can spring up across your roof tiles. You may think it looks rustic and delightful. However, these growths are not merely cosmetic — they can create havoc within your home's structure. A roofer can investigate the growths and recommend the best course of action, which may include pressure cleaning and other treatments. If you allow the problem to develop, your roof can suffer from the following issues. Read More 

4 Signs That Its Time for Gutter Replacement

Gutters help distribute groundwater and rainwater from your home. Without them, water would easily seep into the walls and foundation of your house, risking its structural integrity. If your house has a wooden foundation, you stand the risk of a rotting foundation. As long as your gutters are working efficiently, you have no cause for concern. You need to maintain and clean your gutters to ensure their efficacy. However, even with the utmost care, cleaning, and maintenance, your gutters may still be damaged. Read More 

What Is Roof Restoration And The Signs You Need One

Constantly undertaking piecemeal repairs to your roof is sometimes not economic—you'll get better and more lasting results from a roof restoration that checks everything at once. This process involves washing the roof with a high-pressure cleaner and fixing or replacing damaged metal sheets or tiles. After that, coats of sealer and acrylic membrane protect it from future damage, while making the roofing look pristinely new. Typically, you'll have a range of attractive colours to choose from. Read More 

Granny Flat Construction Kits: What to Expect During Installation

Granny flats are exceptional, especially when you are caring for elderly relatives, such as aging grandparents. You can install them in your home's backyard to facilitate convenient caregiving, minimise stress and boost the quality of life of your elderly loved ones. If you are planning to purchase granny flat construction kits, it is crucial to learn what you can expect. Some flat home kit suppliers have delivery and installation teams to complete the task. Read More