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Installing a New Roof

Hello, my name is Liam. I live in a rural community which is located about 200km away from Alice Springs, Australia. Life in the Outback can be hard, so the entire community needs to look after itself. Since I moved out here from the big city, I have learnt lots of cool skills that I didn't know before. One of these skills is roofing. When my neighbour's roof began to leak, he called me over and we worked together to install a new one. He taught me lots of cool tips and tricks which I have written about below. Enjoy!


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Choosing Leaf Guards to Prevent Unnecessary Gutter Repairs

Roof damage can be quite an inconvenience to your household. Nevertheless, since some homeowners tend to miss the signs of roof repairs, they end up having to contend with property loss and roof replacement, which can cost them a pretty penny. Thus, it is prudent or all homeowners to be vigilant when it comes to the maintenance of their roofing to make sure that they are not caught off-guard. Your gutters are one of the systems that help in maintaining the structural integrity of your roof and your primary structure by redirecting all precipitation away. Thus, one of the measures to take in preventing unnecessary roof repairs would be by keeping your gutters in working order. Below are some of the leaf guards that you could install to prevent unnecessary gutter repairs:

Filter inserts

These types of leaf guards are one of the high-efficiency options that you could purchase. Filter inserts are manufactures using multiple coatings of polymer materials, which makes them incredibly durable. Once the filter inserts are fitted in your gutters, they can withstand the harshest climatic conditions ranging from sweltering heat to freezing ice.  Another significant benefit of filter inserts is their fire-resistant capabilities, making them ideal for people who may live in areas that have a proclivity to bushfires. Lastly, the polymer material does not allow the breeding of algae, mould or fungi so you can be assured the gutters will remain free of these growths.

Hooded guards

If your property has numerous trees, it is likely that you have to deal with clogs in your gutters on a regular basis. Hooded guards are particularly famed for their ability to minimise clogging that is caused by organic matter considerably. The devices are specially designed to prevent leaves and other flying organic matter such as small twigs to make their way into the gutters, without impeding the flow of precipitation through the gutters.

Screen guards

If you are looking for an easy to install and cost-efficient option for preventative gutter maintenance, screen guards would be a good option. The guards are typically made of galvanised steel, but you can also get them in other materials such as copper, aluminium and even polyvinyl chloride! The structure of the screen guards is usually a hinged device. However, you could also consider the drop-in variety and the locked-on variety. Although these gutter guards are useful in keeping most debris out of your gutters, it is recommended to clean them routinely to prevent undue clogs on the screen.